Nordvpn creating warning duplicate IPv6 messages

After upgrade to kernel 5.15.32 and rebooting OS. I noticed that I was getting a lot of the following messages:

NetworkManager[1205]: [1650363659.0309] ipv6ll[f4715da0b2db63b4,ifindex=2]: chan
ged: no IPv6 link local address to retry after Duplicate Address Detection failures (back off)
Apr 19 11:21:09 gary-KDE NetworkManager[1205]: [1650363669.0321] platform-linux: do-add-ip6-address[2: fe
80::122d:3842:54f2:982c]: failure 13 (Permission denied)

These stop and start when disconnected / connected to a Nordvpn server.

I have contacted Nordvpn support who state that they do not support IPv6, and that these are due to the Nordvpn.bin app.

These do not appear to be impacting my system as yet just filling up my logs. Is this something that can be passed to the app developer to review.

If your VPN provider does not support IPv6, you must disable it globally. Otherwise you’re machine can simply circumvent the VPN by using IPv6.

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