Noob question on Wayland

Hi all,

I have an AMD 5700XT card and I installed Manjaro in October 2021. I don’t remember if I had to pick between X11 and Wayland during the installation, but X11 is what I ended up with.

What I wanted to know is if the reason I’m still on X11 is that Manjaro considers Wayland still too unstable with by video card (otherwise, some update would have migrated me to Wayland automatically?) or if I need to manually do something to migrate to it.

If migrating to Wayland is a manual process, can tell me what needs to be done to switch to it?

You haven’t mentioned which desktop your using so I have no idea how to help. :smiley:

Hi @alexleduc,

I have seen many, many issues with Wayland. Especially with Nvidia. (Yes, I realize you use AMD, but I just mentioned it for completeness’ sake.) Even some on Intel IIRC.

So I don’t think it’s ready for prime-time yet. See here for more information:

Sorry, I’m on Plasma

I figured it out. I just disconnected and selected Wayland from the login screen. So far no issues, but it’s nice to know I can switch back easily if I encounter any.

Edit: Forgot to mention I had to install plasma-wayland-session, as Olli said below


Wayland not being on the ISO by default - is because - when it was - some members compĺained they where logged into Wayland by default.

The reason Wayland was default is because W comes before X in the session list and if you didn’t specifically changed this to X all hell broke lose and everyone brought wood on the Manjaro flame-war.


When that happend - then due to the wellknown trouble with Nvidia - their system misbehaved and they found it hard to figure out it was caused by Wayland.


you can install “plasma-wayland-session” from the package manager. at login you can select wayland or X11 (left bottom of the login-screen) and use the selected session.
amd should work well with wayland, nvidia instead is a disgrace.

Probably a good thing that it’s not on the ISO. Even with my video card that works well with Wayland, the first thing I noticed is that fonts were no longer anti-aliased. It would give a bad first impression if fonts didn’t look right from the start.

KDE Wayland runs fine with AMD GPU and multiple monitors for me after many tests.
Some Steam games run on XWayland, not native Wayland, that is fine.

However, there are some compatibility issues with some “known” applications:
any remote-desktop apps, any screen-recording apps, xeyes and smplayer do not work on KDE wayland.

Note: smplayer has no issue with Gnome Wayland, Gnome Wayland has its own native screen-recording app.

KDE SDDM provides easy switching between Wayland and Xorg, don’t worry. :+1:

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