Noob in need of instructions for building a driver package on the new kernel from the old one without internet


Since today’s update, I have an issue with my wifi dongle, a Realtek rtl88x2bu. It does not work at all with the new kernel.

The problem is, I can’t reinstall the AUR package since my internet isn’t connected. With the older kernel version, I do have access to internet, but some other software stopped working (Steam crashes during the update boot phase). I would like to install the AUR package driver for 88x2bu and then I’ll see what other errors I get.

Looking through lsmod, there is no trace of the driver’s module. Since I’m not very tech savy, I’d like to know if I can use my old kernel internet connection to install the driver on the new kernel.

The github page of the driver mentions a command for that:

make KSRC=/lib/modules/YOUR_KERNEL_VERSION/build

but it is unclear to me what steps I should follow first… Again, sorry for being a complete noob, I always felt like walking into a wall of brick each time I had to build anything so far.

I guess the first step should be to git clone the file somewhere. I did it without any other options and now I have the directory in my home system. Then what would be the next step?


Hi @robz776,

According to this page:

git clone && cd sublime-text-dev && makepkg -s, then you’ll have a sublime-text-dev-ver.pkg.tar.xz file which you can move to the offline computer and install using sudo pacman -U sublime-text-dev-ver.pkg.tar.xz. Take note of dependencies you might be asked to install during makepkg -s because you might need to move them to the offline computer as well (packages that aren’t for building only, and that you don’t have on the offline computer.) It’s best if you use --asdeps to install dependencies you specify in pacman

Hope it helps!

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That was it, thanks!

For those that are looking for help, I also had to sudo modprobe 88x2bu and my connection was detected directly after that!

My Steam doesn’t launch though, so I’m going to dig into that issue now…

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