Non-Manjaro discussion

Yeah this one is gonna be a bit weird but i think there should be like a place for non-Manjaro technical discussion for people to stop by at random intervals, i know this is the Manjaro forum but i think at least trying something like that out might bare fruit on the long run by getting more technically capable people to use the forum to interact with each other. Arch has something close to this as in the “Contributions & Discussion” tab in the forum landing page; though i believe it’d be better for something like a general technical discussions tab that will at times show up on peoples Google searches for tech forums just as a kind of brand awareness and a place for already existing forum members to share knowledge, get assistance and at times just relax with fellow members on.

We already have the Member Hub for more general discussion for TL2+1 members.

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Ughhh i’d still argue that a more accessible(?) one would be better.

^ a bit for this

We already have plenty of spam to deal with and lost users of other distros posting here because they found a result in a search engine. Doing what you suggest is not tenable.


Won’t implement