Non-essential firmware

As the title says I am trying but mkinitcpio rules out my removals. Why? If I don’t have the need for the firmwares because they do not provide any value to hardware I don’t have, so to finally get to the point how can I remove said firmware if they have no relevance to my system?

Why do you want to remove it? What’s the point?

Not to be a snot or anything, but I hate having s/w on the system that I don’t use. Lean and clean is my motto.

Your title doesn’t say what you’re trying. Please be clear, concise and provide more details.

Please see:

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Also please define what you mean by “firmware”, it could mean a lot of different things when used inproperly…

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Most if not all of the firmware on a fresh Manjaro system comes as a dependency of the kernel package, and therefore you cannot remove it. And even if you could, then it would only get reinstalled again whenever there’s a kernel update. :man_shrugging:

Well that seems kind of odd, but ok, I’ll live with useless firmware on the system, like Broadcom.

If you have the manjaro-firmware package installed, this was dropped from the official repos a while ago, and it can safely be uninstalled.

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Those are called drivers
“Firmware” is what is uploaded inside your hardware equipment


  • BIOS upgrades are an example of Firmware…
    Another example is special data uploaded to certain broadcom chips to enable their Bluetooth functionality while using the WiFi.
  • Software to make your Operating system interact with different hardware is called drivers.
    Example of a driver is the Broadcom drivers, yes that company has both drivers and firmware :slight_smile:

Ask wrong and get wrong answers keep that in mind…
Now repeat your question with more details about what you want to be eliminated exactly (name them as their filenames) from your initrd, then maybe ppl can try to assist…

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Never mind, I figured it our. It was the AUR mkinitcpio that required them so as to prevent the messages during mkinitcpi reporting possible missing firmware and as my computer has no requirement for any of those firmwares I removed that AUR package and was then able to remove the ones I don’t need, eg. Broadcom, aic94xx, etc.

I am using the Manjaro mkinitcpio — not from the AUR — and I am getting those warnings about potentially missing firmware packages too. Just ignore them.

Yea somehow it doesn’t know about modules compiled into the kernel i guess…
Like always, warnings are just info not real errors, but in this case ofcourse something to keep an eye on in case you have problems booting on your hardware.
The rest will be pulled-in into your system after the initrd transistions into runtime where the rest of the drivers will be available anyhow…