Non-ASCII file names are numeric values on Konsole/Terminal after upgrage

I updated Manjaro and now all Non-ASCII files names are numeric values in Konsole/Terminal, but when I look same files with KDE’s Dolphin everything looks like normal.

Hi @tux-86,

Are all the neccessary fonts installed? I don’t know which, specifically, but mine is:

$ pamac list -i  | grep -i font
adobe-source-code-pro-fonts           2.042u+1.062i+1.026vf-1    extra     2.0 MB
cantarell-fonts                       1:0.303.1-1                extra     194.2 kB
fontconfig                            2:2.14.2-1                 extra     1.1 MB
gsfonts                               20200910-3                 extra     3.3 MB
lib32-fontconfig                      2:2.14.2-1                 multilib  356.3 kB
libfontenc                            1.1.7-1                    extra     40.5 kB
libxfont2                             2.0.6-2                    extra     241.5 kB
noto-fonts                            1:23.9.1-1                 extra     112.1 MB
noto-fonts-cjk                        20230817-1                 extra     312.6 MB
noto-fonts-emoji                      20220920-1                 extra     10.4 MB
noto-fonts-extra                      1:23.9.1-1                 extra     335.0 MB
opendesktop-fonts                     1.4.2-6                    extra     45.4 MB
otf-ipaexfont                         004.01-3                   extra     14.0 MB
otf-ipafont                           003.03-8                   extra     28.6 MB
python-fonttools                      4.42.1-1                   extra     19.9 MB
terminus-font                         4.49.1-6                   extra     3.2 MB
ttf-meslo-nerd-font-powerlevel10k     20230403-2                 extra     10.3 MB
ttf-ms-fonts                          2.0-12                     AUR       5.7 MB
wqy-bitmapfont                        1.0.0RC1-5                 extra     11.6 MB
xorg-fonts-alias-cyrillic             1.0.5-1                    extra     3.6 kB
xorg-fonts-cyrillic                   1.0.4-1                    extra     384.7 kB
xorg-fonts-encodings                  1.0.7-1                    extra     643.6 kB
xorg-mkfontscale                      1.2.2-1                    extra     48.8 kB

Check the character encoding in both konsole and dolphin. The default should be utf8.


In Linux, the default locale is C if no other locale is specified, so this explains why the ASCII character map is used by the default.

The system locale can generated and can defined with these instructions Locale - ArchWiki

In the case of the KDE, the file ~/.config/plasma-localerc is also relevant.