Nodejs version conflict

When updating:

nodejs-lts-gallium and nodejs-lts-fermium are in conflict (nodejs). Remove nodejs-lts-fermium? [y/n] n
error: unresolvable package conflict detected
error: Failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: nodejs-lts-gallium and nodejs-lts-fermium are in conflict

It’s OK to remove nodejs-lts-fermium and change it for nodejs-lts-gallium?

It depends what requires those packages. nodejs-lts-fermium (Node.js 14 LTS) and nodejs-lts-gallium (Node.js 16 LTS) both provide nodejs. Certain programs require specific Node.js versions and will not work with older or newer versions.

I will try to remove nodejs-lts-fermium and see whats happen, but I will use pacman.
but there is others implications in this

removing nodejs-lts-fermium breaks the “nodejs-lts-fermium” dependency needed by npm6
npm6 is necessary to apm and apm is a dependency of atom

What I decided: remove atom, as I dont use it. :slight_smile:

how did u remove nodejs ,i m unable to remove it by pacman