No wayland session after latest update

Hi, For the last few hours (after the update) I’m trying to fix what might be a gdm or a gnome issues.
for some reason I’m not getting the Wayland session option (only two options, x11 named “gnome” and classic).
any and all help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

reinstalled today and got x11 instead of wayland :frowning:

I have just the same question as you have.

It appears like it was a driver problem (i have Intel not Invedia), i’ve got a new mesa update and it looks like the problem is solved.


since my endeavoros installation did not have the problem (intel based laptop) i guess the linked video from my ignored comment has a point :frowning:

YT: [The Linux Experiment] search for Manjaro :wink:

It"s weird that comment got “ignored”, are we on a stage where criticism is no longer acceptable?

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it is manajro …
the sad thing is that i know no alternative.
The option to switch kernels and the delayed updates for stability are a great idea.
I also really like that there are lots of preconfiguration.
Sure fist thing i do after install is same as Windows - delete a lot of bloat. (and probably forget a bunch)

But the points in the video and points of my post against nvidia a valid for a long time now :frowning:

When I read @anon84968102 comment, I just think: WTF are you talking here? Do you secretly advertise a YouTube channel? Was there anything in his post useful according to the problem the OP has?

This is a support forum. Rant and rave is not welcome here in this section. If you really need to spread your opinion, then use the #member-hub (but you need to be TL2). Otherwise, stay focused on what the problem is and write solution oriented.

tl:dr yes there are always excuses to legitimate censorship xD
if you watch the video and don’t want to see the connection to this thread continue shilling pls :wink:

Btw discourse never follows a straight path outside a discussion with a dictator :wink:

i am out anyways since i dont feel welcome here … (btw a thin which i don’t have in the so bad windows world) … (just to trigger the “arrogant Linux users” discussion :P)

have a nice day and at least the op and my problem got fixed :smiley:

This video and others like it have been mentioned and “featured” and discussed extensively here in the forum.
(did you bother to look? …)
And it is definitely OT here.
Censorship my a$$ - this is much more a nuisance even akin to toxic pollutant.
You just keep on coming back and pushing, no matter what.

As you might notice:
mine is pretty much the exact opposite to what your opinion seems to be

It’s OT - it doesn’t belong here.
end of

censorship … pfft

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