No volume controls after updating to Nibia

Get “no output or input devices found” when I click on the speaker icon in the tray.
Audio works at maximum volume, audio controls don’t work

Already tried:

  • latest kernels 5.4, 5.8 and 5.9 as of this date
  • uninstalling plasma-pa (5.20.4) and installing plasma-pa-git (5.20.80)

Nothing helped. Problem started when updated from Mikka to Nibia.

Thanks a lot.

Does this mean you didnt do any updates between those 2 ISO releases?

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I did several updates, the last one was around the second week of October, and everything was fine. I probably missed on or two semi-weekly updates, but that was it.

Any help, appreciated

Please post response to

pacmd dump


pacmd list-cards