No top bar on Manjaro Sway

hi everybody,

I’m quite new to Arch based distros and i’m struggling a lot to make it work.
I have a lot of issues, but the most important is:

  1. i can’t connect to internet during the installation process (well, i can connect but calamares doesn’t seems to accept there is an internet connection) and, if i try to reload calamares (closing and opening again with rofi) it does not load. I really don’t understand this behaviour.
  2. In the live version, but once it installed too, the top bar does not load. It just seems to load when i reload mod+shift+c. After that it works normally (i supose)

Can anyone try to help me? i’m reallly curious because i don’t understand anything of this an i’m sure this is really simple to fix.

thanks you all.

My computer is a little bit old, but match the specs:
i5 4670k
GTX 1050 ti
16gb ram

The first issue i managed to fix It:
I reload the config with cmd+shift+c and then i Connect internet.
After this, i launch a terminal and type:
sudo -E calamares

As they say Here:

Everything works Better, even i think i managed to make work even de aceleration.

But i can’t make swaybar open at login.

If anyone can tell me why, i Will appreciate It a lot.

Same issue here. No solution?

I have not find a solution, at least, cmd-shift-c reload the config and you can use the OS.
But i have managed to realise that it is an issue related with the graphic drivers, which does not load the acceleration hardware.
The only distro which i have this issue is in Manjaro Sway Edition, nor Endeavour, nor Garuda (both Sway) and nor any other edition of Manjaro. In fact, at this very moment i’m writing in i3, because i have try everything and anything works.
I hope we can reactivate the topic.

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Since you have i3 installed and working anyway: does sway’s bar appear when you try i3status?

I didn’t try.
But i think it is good for me as it is.
I have lost a ton of time trying to understand the problem in manjaro sway which is the driver does not work for the pascal family (maybe others aswell)
I have try to contact Manjaro Sway responsable with no success.
I really love Manjaro Sway but it is too young to make it work (i’m not a computer expert and it is beyond my knowledge)
If you can do anything, it will be welcomed.

THx for your answer.

Same here. Is there a fix?