No system sound in kde after connecting to projector

Hello Everyone !!
Prior to my connection with projector, the system sound was perfect and working but now there isn’t any sort of system sound coming even after I am not connected to projector. Speaker is working well when I play music in audacious or spotify or in browsers. It’s just this system sound I used to receive before like while connecting to charger or increasing sound setting.
I don’t know if it is relevant but I have this new “Manage Desktop and Panels” Option in edit mode which shows this. It didn’t exist before… it just came right after connecting to projector

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Edit: The file that is played when events happen is being played when opening the source file. But it doesn’t play in file.

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Edit: I think I need to ask kde team about this since I feel like there ain’t anyone in manjaro team who have ever came up with this sort of issue. I don’t even know if this issue is even personal or public…
I will let you guys know if I ever find the answer to it.
Hope you all guys have an amazing day :slight_smile: