No Swap installation option

Hi all
So I’ve decided easier to re-install KDE than fix the problems I’d introduced, but the installer doesn’t show swap or filesystem options as seen in Tyler’s excellent video.

Why is this?

My options do not show Swap of file system choices

Tyler’s video (2:36 mins)

The green partition in your screenshot is an 8 GiB swap partition. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe I don’t understand your question properly. If you are inquiring about the option to select a filesystem or a swap partition, then you have to switch to manual partitioning. Also, evidently, the installer used in the video is not the same version as what you’re using.

ah - spotted my own obvious mistake
I need to start from a completely blank partition

No, you don’t. Like @Aragorn said, choose manual partitioning and use the partition that Manjaro was installed on that you want to replace.


Or you can just create a swapfile after the fact, like this:

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