No Support? Focusrite Scarlett Solo external sound drive

The company claims it has no support for linux operating systems. Is this necessarily true?

Manjaro is playing through the device fine, except it keeps restarting every so often which makes it highly unreliable and unusable.
Is there a driver I am missing for Manjaro Linux that will solve this?

Thanks all.

Seems like maybe TLP could be the culprit?
You can check real quick by disabling it
(if it works you might want to add an exception in the conf)

Annoyingly, the website doesn’t outright say if it uses USB Audio Class 1 or 2, but it is USB Audio Class 2 due to the sample rates it supports.

USB Audio Class 1 should work right out of the box regardless of OS.

USB Audio Class 2 is supported natively via the Linux Kernel. But some manufacturers add more stuff to these that sometimes requires a specific driver, or no support for Linux, which causes issues.

Driver-wise? Probably not.

Looks like someone else had the same issue, but was not solved.

It’s better to just use a DAC from a manufacturer that actually supports Linux, such as JDS Labs. All my JDS Labs works out of the box, even the ones that use USB Audio Class 2.

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They say it … poorly, but they say it …

on another note…

who were you asportking? what did you see?!


This solved it! (for now! probably)
I installed TLP-UI and noticed the USB_AUTOSUSPEND feature. I turned that off and it seems to be working now.

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Great detective work, I learned about USB Audio Classes today.
Thanks for the reference on JDS Labs. I will look into them for future purchases :slight_smile:

So just to tell you that means you can make a file like /etc/tlp.conf.d/scarlett.conf
And in there put:


But … I do suggest finding the device address instead and using

USB_BLACKLIST="1111:2222 3333:4444"

(where 1111:2222 is your device)
that is … unless you consider usb autsuspend just expendable … then sure disable it altogether.

Of course … none of that is necessary … its just ‘cleaner’ and doesnt require the extra application.
Actually it could just be a one line command … ex:

sudo printf 'USB_AUTOSUSPEND=0' > /etc/tlp.conf.d/scarlett.conf
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