No such cryptodisk found. Almost every Command Grub rescue

Hello, I have a massive error. On my Asus laptop. I just now installed manjaro gnome with disk encryption. I then proceeded to installed gdm prime, and optimus-manager. Now when I boot it pushes me to the usual password for the disk encryption, and then I type it in, and I get the error:

error: no suck cryptodisk found
error disk 'cryptouuid/....' not found'

I have tried booting from other partitions, as I also have ubuntu, and windows installed, but they won’t let me boot, and I get the same error. I tried going to the BIOS it would not let me. I tried booting from a live usb nothing happens. Also half the commands that I found in solution posts, and even the documentation for grub rescue said;

unknown command '....'

Thank you for any help.

From the AUR (which is officially not supported)?
That package is flagged out of date, and is entirely unrequired for PRIME systems to use GDM.

If you have no other options you should probably look here and undo what you have done…

(or it may be simpler/faster to just start over … as its a new system anyways … then again if you have multiple systems, and this disk is now entirely encrypted as well as broken … then …)

Yes because I am using gnome optimus wont work without it

How would I start over. It won’t let me boot from a usb.(or I’m just not doing it right from grub rescue) thanks

Not true - or else every gnome user with that hardware would need it, and thus it would be in our repos and/or there would be tons of threads about it.

As to ‘how’ … that link should help … But if you encrypted the entire disk and cannot access it … then you may be in a scenario of having to wipe everything.

But dont do that just yet … I am not the resident gnome or encryption expert.
Maybe someone else can be more helpful. :crossed_fingers:

Ok thank you for all your help!