No Start menu entry for snap and flatpak packages

Start menu entry for application from flatpak and snap is missing.
So there is no entry so I could start the application.

But I can start the application via the command line.
e.g. flatpak run com.borgbase.Vorta
Then also the following lines appearing:

Note that the directories


are not in the search path set by the XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable, so
applications installed by Flatpak may not appear on your desktop until the
session is restarted.

I normally don’t change anything without any reason and I can’t remember that I changed anything regarding that. So how could that happenend? And how can I solve that?
The problem persists since a while so restarting etc. does not help.

I have exactly the same issue. Any progress on this topic?

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For the Flatpak package user must add an application launcher
Add Entry to Application Launcher | Vorta for BorgBackup

But if the AUR package is installed the PKGBUILD will create a Launcher
AUR (en) - vorta

So a Flatpak user can copy this to create an application Launcher
vorta/com.borgbase.Vorta.desktop at master · borgbase/vorta · GitHub

Thanks for your reply :).

Ok… but I remember the first time I installed it a while ago that was not necessary, so that happened out of the box.

Good news. I believe I found the source of the problem. The default shell!

I reinstalled manjaro some months ago and decided to try the fish shell.
The desktop entry is some new wording and so I searched again.
I found similar entries askubuntu .com/questions/1013391/launchers-of-snaps-and-flatpak-applications-not-visible with also some pretty old entries…
As I don’t like manipulating some configs and stuff like that… I prefer official recommendations and how it should be (if possible) and not crude hacks that might lead to more problems in the future.
So i decided to simply switch back to the bash shell. And that solved the problem!!

www.howtogeek. com/669835/how-to-change-your-default-shell-on-linux-with-chsh/

So i entered chsh
entered my password and the new shell path /bin/bash
The chsh -s command didn’t work (“shell not changed”) and wasn’t necessary.

I logged out and in and behold! Spotify (snap) and Vorta (flatpak) can be started from start menu right away! :slight_smile:

Of course that is not a pretty satisfying solution for everyone who wants to stay with fish. But maybe someone finds also a solution for that (and post it here!). Probably it will be some hacky solution so I am not interested ^^.

Sorry I am not allowed to post links -.-

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