No SQLOLEDB.1 drivers for linux

I was wondering whether it is possible to install OLEDB provider for mssql on a client side. Referring to the Microsoft’s documentation the SQLOLEDB provider is included with Windows os OLE DB support policies section, but possibility of installing it on a linux machine is never mentioned anywhere. While other providers like ODBC have install scripts ready to use on various distros ODBC. I need it to be able to connect to Microsoft sql server with OLEDB from azure data studio, it is possible on windows machine no problem, but it fails instantly on my manjaro machine. If it’s not possible because of OLEDB being deprecated and underdeveloped from its very beginning so be it, I will find some other way.

Thanks for any thoughts in advance.

I dont know about OLEDB, but for ODBC there are a number of available packages…

OLE DB is a technology internal to Microsoft products and is an acronym for Object Linking and Embedding Database.

As it has been superseeded by ODBC, I suggest you use ODBC instead as this is a cross platform communication protocol.

That is not a requirement - Azure datastudio has no issues with SQL server on Linux.

pamac build azuredatastucio-bin