No space after trying to install linux-zen-anbox

Hi, I was installing linux-zen-anbox, before doing it, I had 20GB of space in my filesystem, but the process was aborted due no enough space. Now my problem is that I don’t know how to erase those 20GB that it installed.

Any help is appreciated!

You could try cleaning the build files, pamac clean -b

@NGr I tried the command and I got: To delete: 0 files

How did you build it?

I used Add/Remove Software and clicked on Build the AUR package

Maybe try cleaning the cache? sudo pacman -Sc linux-zen-anbox

EDIT: I’m not sure if packages to be built go in the cache, so it may not work

I got the next cleaning the cache:

Packages to keep:
  All locally installed packages

Cache directory: /var/cache/pacman/pkg/
:: Do you want to remove all other packages from cache? [Y/n] y
removing old packages from cache...

Database directory: /var/lib/pacman/
:: Do you want to remove unused repositories? [Y/n] y
removing unused sync repositories...

And no change in my disk space.

If it is really the source, then delete it directly. By default it must be in /tmp/ otherwise go the folder you have chosen and delete it directly there.

I don’t see any folder related in /tmp/ and I didn’t choose any folder when I clicked on Build, it just started to make it.

At pamac-manager under Settings on the tab AUR. Have look there which folder it is.

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I see that it shows tmp Additionally, I saw a button Clean build files To delete 24GB. If I click on it, does it remove any AUR software or just the files related to linux-zen-anbox?

It is just the files it downloaded to build/install the software, the pamac command I gave you earlier was supposed to empty that, don’t know why it didn’t.

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Thank you so much @megavolt and @NGr without your help it had been very hard for me to find how to do it!!!