No sound untill plugged headphones

While trying to get Manjaro to recognize my microphone through headset jack I changed in Audio Setting the profile of my default built-in speakers to Off and now whenever I reboot I only have Dummy Output. When I plug my headphones then the card shows up and I can unplug headphones for the internal speakers to work. Anyone might have a clue how to resolve this?

so change the profile back to what it was before… if it doesnt work, install pipewire instead of pulse…
sudo pacman -S manjaro-pipewire
it will give you pulse dependencies, so uninstall them firts, then run the command again, reboot and test

Yeah I would like to change it back but it does not appear in settings menu, it just shows the internal microphone output. And then after plugging in headphones my default speakers show up with a proper profile but this setting does not persist through reboots