No sound in PCSX2

Hello, I was having controller issues with the PCSX2 Flatpak and now I have switched to the version from the Manjaro repos. The issue is gone, but now sound does not seem to work. The audio “plugin” configuration options are missing, saying that the plugin is null.

This could be a dependency issue as Flatpaks always include them. However, it might just be a compilation issue in regards to how SPU2 is handled. Either way, most of that goes probably over my head.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hi there, don’t know if this is need for you, but you might want to try build it yourself.
I was using lutris to play games with it, but also got issue that apprently that plugin wasnt detected despite it being in plugins folder.
So i went on PCSX2 site, chose linux download. There is installation guide that takes you to emulators github page. On it you go to arch section and use 3 commands provided to install it.
Afterwards it was added to my program list and everything worked like charm.