No sound after upgrade

Good day,
I have removed the duplicate file. Rebooted. Same issue is there. I was wanting to remove my secondary sound card when this issue creeped up. I did complete a compare of the sound card and that was posted above. Since I use this as my daily machine, I am not interested in reinstall to troubleshoot what is changing this. I have checked a few of the Diff Kernels to make sure it did not reside in them. It would appear that this is only effecting those of us on the Gigabyte board. I will wait and see if it irons out and if not, oh well. The OP has not posted anything either. I am guessing they have either moved on from Manjaro or said oh well as well.

Thank you for the advice and assistance.

even with the today update the problem continues

Mine is not working as well. In Fact, I used to see my headphones (steel series 800) I dont see them for audio output. The Mic is still working for the headset. I have a Sound Blaster XIfi that is working correctly as well. This is the only reason I have any sound.

Cinnamon is my Favorite Desktop. I do everything possible to not use anything Ubuntu. This is why I dont use Linux Mint or POPOS. Hoping this resolves itself soon. My other two PC’s dont have this sound issue with Manjaro.

I installed the 5.9 kernel and the sound started working again

Thank you for the info. I will try that and report back. :slight_smile:

5.9 did not boot up due to LightDM failure. I am on Cinnamon. I will have to wait another kernel update to test this out.

here with kde it works perfectly, it only slows down when I’m transferring very large files in dolphin

Strangely it went back to mute after the last updates

On Manjaro KDE (testing repo) with Creative Audigy1, I can choose analog stereo output or analog stereo input profile, but I do not have “analog stereo duplex” profile, so I can not use my microphone.

Clearing pulse config file had no effect. It is the same with both 5.7 and 5.8 kernels.

Any ideas?

There is the solution to my problem:

So it will require a newer PulseAudio to fix my issue with my Audigy card. (mic input on my motherboard works, just sounds quite bad)

is it possible to update the pulseaudio manually or will it have to wait for it to be updated?

There is a pulseaudio-git in BAUH from Arch, but it fails to build. So I think not.

You could install the latest development version of Pulseaudio v13.99 pulseaudio-git from AUR

but some packages have to be removed to be able to change to the AUR version:

HP Envy - Sound does not work in Manjaro 20.1 PLASMA
I had first to remove libao, fluidsynth, lib32-fluidsynth and manjaro-pulse - after that I could install pulseaudio-git - having installed pulseaudio-git I added libao, fluidsynth, lib32-fluidsynth and manjaro-pulse

was there an error in the process? when I did something like that the system broke and I had to reinstall the same

Since today’s Pulseaudio update in testing, my Audigy card got back the analog stereo duplex profile and some others too. Btw, I only get garbled audio from it’s mic input, but that’s a start.


Switching to testing branch is a lot easier than pulseaudio-git

You should start a new topic about your Audigy1. Creative cards can be very different to other audio devices and it can be tricky to get everything working right
alsamixer has lots more controls than other audio devices
(I still have an Audigy2, but that system needs a new power supply atm)

It’s interesting, because I used that card for many years under various Linux distros, without any problem. In these days, it is just sits in my backup PC.

My problem with the microphone can be hw related because of the mic amp circuit I designed may not work with the voltage is provided by the Audigy. Saddly, mic inputs does not the same in different sound cards…


I ran into the same issue, I just removed ~/.config/pavucontrol.ini and then restarted (logout login should be enough) and I were able to select the duplex mode back on each cards.

now with hj update it got even worse, because even running pulseaudio-k on the terminal comes out audio now, does anyone have a suggestion?