No sound after installation Manjaro i3

I have installed manjaro i3wm and found that there is no sound. The volume icon and the volume keys don’t seem to do anything. I tried installing the normal i3wm version (as I tried the minimal installation initially) to see if that would affect anything, it didn’t.
I did manage to get sound working on firefox using apulse but I wasn’t able to adjust the volume level.

See the thread ‘sound-not-working-after-upgrade’ (Sry, not allowed to post links)

Have you checked out this thread?

hi i have the same problemes to fix it type in terminal “install_pulse” to change audio software from ALSA to volumeicon after reboot :smile:


Try to fix installing sof-firmware, then reboot and it should work :slight_smile:

It’s solution working for me after install manjaro 21.0.7 Ornara with i3wm. Thx!