No sound after i3 Manjaro installation

Hello. I recently installed Manjaro i3 (community) but my first problem that i don’t successed to resolve is that i have totally no sound. I tried to fix it reading some topics here but it didn’t worked on my computer/it was not my problem. Can someone help me ? PS : This is a desktop computer with wired speakers.

i3 is a for members which has super user experience and preferably also developer background as i3 requires experience with tiling window manager.

You should ensure you have the relevant audio packages - the one you need or your use case - check with the command line utilities - e.g. alsamixer and alsactl

I’m a young graduated developer. I like the concept of tiling window manager to optimize the workspace on my screen but i don’t want to configure every basic things (audio for example) by myself. What do you recommand me ?

By the way sound works well now, idk what happened.

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