No scrollbar on Gnome console

Except for dark more, and font size I can not find any setting for the Gnome Console (version 43).
Especially - there is no scrollbar.
How can I add scrollbar to the Console?

Hi @dudu, and welcome!

Have you tried this:

hi, Thanks!
it’s written there: “1. Press the menu button in the top-right corner of the window and select Preferences.”
There is no ‘Preferences’ option there. only dark/white mode and font size

Well, not having or using Gnome, I really can only point you in that direction.

Gnome Console is a very simple terminal emulator without any options. If you need settings switch to Gnome Terminal.

However, with the standard Gnome theme (probably not Manjaro Gnome standard theme) the scrollbar appears, sometimes. It depends on the situation.

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