No screen(s) found error

Hi everyone. I’m having some trouble getting my display working again. It just stopped working 3 days ago and I’ve tried the solutions here but to no avail. Could some kind soul walk me through what I’m doing wrong please?

inxi -G returns:

Device-1: intel HD Graphics 620
driver: i915

Device-2: NVIDIA GM108M GeForce 920MX
driver: nvidia

Device-3: Chicony USB2.0 VGA UVC Webcam
type: USB
driver: uvcvideo

Didplay: server: 1.20.13
driver: loaded: modesetting, nouveau
unloaded: nvidia tty: 170x48

mhwd -li returns:


Hi @Ddss, and welcome!

Have you tried removing the drivers and reinstalling them? I only suggest this to “reset” any possible configuration(s) that could have some problem.

Please provide info as outlined here:

(your info above is better than nothing … but its missing pieces)

I will also say at first glance you are using an outdated, as in no longer exists in the repos, nvidia version … so something is definitely wrong.