No RPI5 Support? Most recent "Manjaro ARM Bigscreen Images" build from "Jul 3, 2023"


No RPI5 Support? Most recent “Manjaro ARM Bigscreen Images” build from “Jul 3, 2023”

I wish to install “Manjaro ARM Bigscreen” on RPI 5

Thank you

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All images are build using a bot - some of the profiles maintained others not and the kde-bigscreen profile lacks maintenance

The best you can do is to create basic sdcard using manjaro-arm-installer as described → repo manjaro-arm / applications / manjaro-arm-installer · GitLab then slowly add packages from the bigscreen profile package list editions/kde-bigscreen · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab

I don’t know if the package in the repo has been updated - so better safe - and use git clone then run the script - be sure to meet the requirements for the script to run - use arm-unstable as this is were it all happens.

git clone repo
cd manjaro-arm-installer
sudo bash manjaro-arm-installer arm-unstable