No partitions to install on

I’m having trouble installing manjaro on my desktop computer.
The installer menu says that there are, “no partitions to install on.”

If you really want someone to help you, would you please add more info ?
What OS are you currently running ? at least ?

One of the things to check first is to disable Secure Boot and set to AHCI in BIOS.
If you chose the auto install, it should create the proper/default partitions for you. Make sure you boot the proper way if your system is UEFI, and not boot in legacy mode.

windows 10 i have an asus motherboard

i dont see the ahci option i have an asus motherboard

Check your motherboard user manual. Should be somewhere in SATA controllers settings … And since you run Windows, most likely you have all your drives formatted as NTFS, so you can’t install linux on that. See Installation Guides - Manjaro

AHCI, Secure Boot and Fast Boot are options in the UEFI Bios of the mainboard/computer.