No packages found in aur and flatpak package sources in fresh manjaro installation

Hi, I just installed a fresh manjaro with the 5.15 kernel.
Everything works perfectly except for the package management:

Neither flatpak nor AUR finds any packages: Searching them for any keyword (firefox for example) returns no results (and no error either).
Running pamac search Google Chrome returns

Failed to query from AUR: error 429

I already refreshed to mirrors.
What’s going wrong here?

This means the AUR is rejecting you.
And it isnt client-based because I can still access it through pamac.
But somehow you have been making too many requests. Were you doing anything before this?

I believe this may be relevant:

make sure you have enabled the aur in pamac gui

You mean make sure BOTH AUR and Flatpak are enabled in Pamac.

@ishaanbhimwal @Locutus

I have done that

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This is strange since this is a fresh installation! I have not done anything with the aur!

try with yay:

sudo pacman -S base-devel
sudo pacman -S yay
yay -S google-chrome

AUR is unsupported - completely unsupported - and unless you have very compelling reasons - you shouldn’t need AUR.

Installing AUR packaged immediately makes your system unsupported.

Thanks, from a different network it works :slight_smile:

For flatpak I had to remove and readd the flathub package source.

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