No output of speaker (heaphone and handset working properly)

here is all info of
link -> db/?f=215a4d6994b722cd57be1d31888627bd9def76b1

Asus ROG Strix G712LU
Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation Comet Lake PCH

Kernel version 5.8.18 is now marked End Of Life so I suggest you update to kernel v5.9

A modprobe option has been added to this system, which would have disabled the onboard digital array microphone (dmic), so the rest of the audio system would work

!!Modprobe options (Sound related)

snd_hda_intel: dmic_detect=0

But this option has now been deprecated and does not work with kernel v5.8

!!ALSA/HDA dmesg

snd_hda_intel 0000:00:1f.3: dmic_detect option is deprecated, pass snd-intel-dspcfg.dsp_driver=1 option instead

please post response to this command to find file containing non-working modprobe option

grep snd /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf

If you want to continue using system with the internal dmic disabled
replacing the old modprobe option with `options snd-intel-dspcfg dsp_driver=1’
should get system working as before

but the internal dmic might now be supported by the latest packages
All audio devices (including the internal microphone) may work correctly if the old modprobe option is removed and not replaced

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hey @nikgnomic

Thank you for replay :slight_smile:

As you told me i changed alsa.conf to options snd-intel-dspcfg dsp_driver=1 and update my kernel version to 5.9 and remove line from this all config files

grep snd /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf

but still no sound :frowning_face:
here is uploaded link → /db/?f=ebdba399d57661baa17a360dc714be83aced1279

also i checked alsamixer to check is muted or not

Than you for your support :blush:

Thankyou for your support,

finally i found solution for ausu-zenbook (asus rog,etc…)

just add below line

options snd-hda-intel model=asus-zenbook




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