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i have a question, i installed Manjaro with KDE Plasma desktop approximately 1 to 2 month ago, and every weekend execute the command “sudo pacman -Syu” for update packages, but, always show “the system is updated”, this is normal? what is the frecuently Manjaro’s launch new updates? i have the core, extra and multilib repository on my system.

I am a user who comes from Arch Linux and there the updates come approximately every week.

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If you want more frequent updates, then you should switch to Testing or Unstable branch.


Thanks for you answer.

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One other thing I should add is that you shouldn’t just be running sudo pacman -Syu every week. Before updating you should always first check the relevant Latest Announcements topics for your branch, as some manual intervention may be required, especially if it is a major update (such as the release of Plasma 6, which should be rolled out to Stable within days or weeks).

Latest Announcements/Stable Updates topics - Manjaro Linux Forum

Latest Announcements/Testing Updates topics - Manjaro Linux Forum

Latest Announcements/Unstable Updates topics - Manjaro Linux Forum

My understanding is that the distro devs are putting a lot of work into making sure the major forthcoming update to KDE Plasma works as seamlessly as possible. This is probably no small thing.


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