No network during [root tip] [How To] Update Manjaro the smart way


Reference: [root tip] [How To] Update Manjaro the smart way

After 3,5 years of relatively good updates the previous and latest Stable updates 2023-11-21 and 2023-11-28 are giving me problems.
Thought I skip the 11-21 one, thinking maybe next (11-28) is ok but it is not.
The behaviour is the same for both.
Had to use Timeshift to get back to a working state both times.

I normally use pamac GUI to update but this time I wanted to try the CtrlAltF4 method.
However, after logout there is no network.

So question is, how to proceed?


That sounds very strange.

One idea is that you are using a wifi - perhaps it disconnects when you logout.

In that case reconnect using nmtui

Ok, the penny dropped :slight_smile:

I do not let network connections connect automatically.
So after login I have now set it to do so.
This is solved.

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Not important but want to mention I found the solution myself :wink:
(There was one minute between our posts).

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