No network connection without VPN after ProtonVPN installation

I always used ProtonVPN from the commandline without problems. Thus I gave a try to the GUI client from the official repositories.

Now I have the problem that even if my laptop is connected to my wifi network, I cannot connect to whatever without enabling the VPN. This happens either using the browser or trying to use pacman from the terminal

The problem persists even after uninstalling ProtonVPN.

Curiously, also other users now have to enable VPN in order to be able to browse the internet etc.

The system is running the latest Gnome from the official repository.

Any help will be welcome

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Check if your killswitch is set to be always on even after the VPN app is closed. I don’t use ProtonVPN but other VPNs has this function.

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How did you uninstall it? if you didn’t use the --no-save option, install it again and then uninstall it with that option from the command line:

pamac remove WhateverYourPackageNameWas --no-save


I am having the same issue I can not connect to anything or use package manager unless protonvpn is on. I did install thee gui version which sounds like a mistaake. Any answers??? Did uninstalling reinstalling with --no-save work??? Thank to anyone willing to help!!!

Didi youe ever get the protonvpn nonconnection issue resolved??? I am having the same issue.

Here are the instructions from ProtonVPN (if it’s indeed a Killswitch issue)

Open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 or starting konsole or startting terminal. To enable the regular kill switch, run:

protonvpn-cli ks --on

Or to enable the permanent kill switch, run:

protonvpn-cli ks --permanent

You disable either kill switch with the following command:

protonvpn-cli ks --off
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This actually is partially a ks issue. ProtonVPN uses the IPv6 leak protection dummy interface which blocks outgoing IPv6 requests to avoid possible DNS leaks. What happens is that even if you have ks disabled, that interface is always there since thee company does not support IPv6 as of yet. So if you restart/shutdown your machine while connected to the VPN, you will end up without internet due to DNS not being resolved, and uninstalling the application won’t do much as that is configured within Networkmanager. But this should be solved as of the moment: Release 3.5.0 · ProtonVPN/protonvpn-nm-lib · GitHub

Lol, I am new here but I had had this problem before. Idk if you did this but run the protonvpn-cli status command. This should tell you if the vpn kill switch is on or not. I have noticed this problems in two ocations. First, when running vpn I suspend my computer. When I open my laptop I noticed protonvpn has some problems working and for some reason the switch is turned back on. Also, When shutting the computer off, if the vpn is running when back on line the network does not work properly.

Please do not uninstall protonvpn. just run the command that @linub graciously provided from protonvpn as written below.

This should suffice and your computer should be back on line without any issue. AFAIK, protonvpn will still work normally. BTW, I had the same issue with Ubuntu. For some reason the graphical interface is not ready for primetime on linux, which is the reason why they advice not to use it. Thank you for reading this far. :smiley:

Please let me know if this did work for you. Thanks @algarues

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That should’ve been already fixed though. Are you running the latest version ?

I am, I got no problem about that. my problem is that I am trying to install protonmail-bridge and it is stock on building it and it does not move from there. :frowning: But I’ll post that somewhere else if I need to. Thanks. :smiley: