No more usb-c hdmi out since linux5.18

is there a patch missing for usb-c/hdmi out
since linux 5.18 1-4 for the pinebook pro?
once i roll it back to 5.17 hdmi out works like charm


I have the same problem after re-installing Manjaro on my Pinebook Pro recently. The new image comes with kernel 5.18 and even after installing all the package updates including kernel 5.19, the usb-c to hdmi functionality doesn’t work. Have you been able to find a workaround other than downgrading the kernel? Is there a module missing perhaps?

I tried installing the Pinebook Pro specific kernel image in the Manjaro repository which is 5.7 (same as the original image that came installed on it) and there is a module dependency issue while it tries to build the ‘initramfs’ file. The module in question is ‘panel_edp’. So after installing this kernel, the pbpro is unbootable. Now I have a fresh Manjaro install again, and back on kernel 5.19 but stuck with no hdmi.

Let me know if you found a solution to this.