No more shell? Extensions gone

After the latest updates I noticed my desktop looks different.

First of most of the extentions are no longer compatible with gnome. is down, so there is no way to update from there.

Second, when I go to tweaks tool, I get a warning sign and there is no shell theme set.

So I tried reinstalling the following:

sudo pacman -S manjaro-gnome-settings manjaro-settings-manager

To no avail.

any hints?

Hi @aljazzair,

Yes. Open a terminal and set your default shell with:


To see a list of available shells, run:

chsh --list-shells

To set a new shell, use:

chsh --shell <shell>

Where, <shell> is one of the shells obtained from the list output above.

Hope this helps!


Thank you, but I just realized in the tweak tool, the shell line refers to shell themes.

Apparently what is going on is the user themes extension is not available as an update was not shipped with the latest release.

Therefore there is no way to set a shell theme using the tool.

Ah OK. That makes sense, I guess. Not using Gnome, I wouldn’t know.


But I’m glad you managed.

Thank you.
Unfortunately the issue is not resolved as the extensions updates are not available in the repos + the gnome extensions website is down…

Looks that way this side of the world as well. Welp, only 1 thing to be done when that happens:

Wait for it.

What extensions?

Some systems are experiencing a major outage:

That’s normal when the default theme is set.

User Themes is part of gnome-shell-extensions and should already be installed under the Built-In section. Remove the version under Manually Installed.

In my case User Themes is still working, extensions are still working. But is down.
Im guessing you need to update your extension but the site is down & cant update. When it comes back online things will get back to normal for you.

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