No more network after users disconnection


Manjaro disconnects from the network after all users are disconnected. The connection by ssh or the operation of a web server thus becomes impossible.

How to configure manjaro to stay connected to the network after all users are disconnected?

The computer is connected via wifi and is an ARM platform, but I think that’s not relevant information.

When a user is connected locally, directly on the computer, the wifi connection works well, including remotely. (ssh, web server OK).

The Wifi part the the most relevant information you shared. Just make sure you save the password in clear text, otherwise it will be stored encrypted in the users keyring. With the password stored in clear text, the wifi connection is independent from a user.

How to do this?

The whole hard disk is encrypted by LUKS, so “clear” wifi passwords are not a real problem.

There is usually a symbol in the wifi password text field. You can click on it and select another method. There are also different ways to so this via cmd.

The passwords are already in clear in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections

Isn’t it more of a service issue, which is only started when an user logs in?

$ systemctl list-unit-files --state=enabled
UNIT FILE                            STATE   PRESET
acpid.service                        enabled disabled
bluetooth.service                    enabled disabled
bootsplash-hide-when-booted.service  enabled disabled
bootsplash-show-on-shutdown.service  enabled disabled
earlyoom.service                     enabled disabled
getty@.service                       enabled enabled
haveged.service                      enabled disabled
httpd.service                        enabled disabled
NetworkManager-dispatcher.service    enabled disabled
NetworkManager-wait-online.service   enabled disabled
NetworkManager.service               enabled disabled
sddm.service                         enabled disabled
sshd.service                         enabled disabled
systemd-homed.service                enabled enabled
systemd-networkd-wait-online.service enabled disabled
systemd-networkd.service             enabled enabled
systemd-pstore.service               enabled enabled
systemd-timesyncd.service            enabled enabled
zswap-arm.service                    enabled disabled
systemd-networkd.socket              enabled disabled
systemd-userdbd.socket               enabled enabled                      enabled enabled                        enabled enabled             enabled enabled                     enabled enabled
fstrim.timer                         enabled disabled

26 unit files listed.

What is PRESET in systemd? We see NetworkManager.service and sshd.service are disabled in PRESET.

By default all services are disabled in the Arch World. But the State column shows if a service is enabled or disabled on this system.

No, not for networking. However, connections created via the NetworkManager can be restricted to a user. So, can the Wifi connection only be used by a specific user or is the connection available to everyone? In the GUI, there is a checkbox that can be ticked.

You should only use one network setup. Since you are using 2, you should expect side effects and other wired stuff.

Are you using systemd-home with an encrypted extra home? If you need ssh access, you need to do some extra stuff. See the Arch Wiki.

No, this is all by default, including on a new pinebook pro. When you log out all users, can you log in by ssh, over the network, by wifi?

Ok the solution is here. (wpa_supplicant)

I will give the detailed solution later, it’s late in my country.