No maximize & minimize buttons on flatpak wayland GTK applications

I’m trying out wayland to check which applications that I use would perhaps need replacement in the future and learn about how to incorporate these new applications in my workflows.

As part of it, I’ve found that flatpak GTK applications don’t have maximize/minimize buttons (close is present). Looking through the GTK (3, GTK 4 is the same) documentation, shows that this can be controlled by using the following in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini - Gtk.Settings:gtk-decoration-layout

gtk-decoration-layout = menu:minimize,maximize,close

I already have this on my system and native GTK applications adheare to it, unfortunately flatpak does not (and yes, I’ve tried whitelisting ~/.config in flatseal application to see if that helps).

Where are the flatpak GTK configurations supposed to go?

I had such an experience in VirtualBox … googled for it … found the tipp: change GTK-theme

Just try it!

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I had that issue in a Wayland session, Wayfire as compositor, and resolved with Gnome Tweaks application. But it wasn’t flatpak tools. Anyway, You can give it a try.

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this might help:

Flatpak - ArchWiki

Section 1.1

This is indeed the solution. I had xdg-desktop-portal & xdg-desktop-portal-kde installed and apparently needed xdg-desktop-portal-gtk to get things working in flatpak on Wayland.

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