No longer receiving emails for topic replies

For a few months at least, I’m no longer getting any emails for replies to my posts. I checked and have the “email me when” fields set to Always. I also carefully checked my Spam folder in the Yahoo! Mail website and they’re never showing up in there either. Anyone else experiencing this and knows what might be happening?

Have you tested with another email domain?

It has been up before.

The forum sends out enourmous amount of mails - it is absolutely possible that some mail providers marks them as potential spam - perhaps some of the Manjaro non-fan-boys amuse themselves with flagging forum mail as spam - who knows - with the usual rotten tomates …

In any case it is not something Manjaro can change.


I see… so the issue isn’t anything on the site’s end. I always look at the spam folder but it never appears there either, hence I suspected they must have stopped being sent for some reason. I’ll try using my Gmail if all else fails which should ideally fix it.

Are you using a GMail email address? If so, see post #3 by @linux-aarhus.

The same thing has been happening on and off for years already with notification emails for members with a GMail address over at the forum I’m the administrator of, and complaining to Google isn’t of much use, not to mention that they’ve made it very, very difficult to actually contact them.

In their arrogance, they believe their spam filtering code is perfect, and if your problem isn’t solvable by reading their FAQ, then it doesn’t exist. Even if you do contact them and your domain abides by all of their demands regarding your DNS records, then they’re still not lifting a finger. Eventually after a month or so they’ll remove you from their blacklist, and then six weeks later their spam filter puts you back on there. :man_facepalming:

Oh for me it’s Yahoo! Mail that stopped receiving emails: I just set my Gmail as the primary address and now it’s finally working again and I just got an email for this reply!

Is it really the spam filters? Why am I not seeing them even in the Spam directory then? I’ve had forum notifications from other websites end up there, after which I select “not spam” and it goes back to normal. Problem is in this particular case, YIM simply chose not to show them anywhere any more.

Well, I can only report on my experience with GMail, and in their case, they simply block the sending domain itself. As a result, the notification emails aren’t even reaching the users’ spam folders anymore in the first place.

In its case I seemingly have to keep fighting it: Gmail keeps putting forum emails back in spam, I have to mark them as not spam each time to put them back. Hope it will remember at some point.

I told ya that Google is evil, didn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You should really look into your forum account’s email preferences.

There is three options - I no longer remember the defaults - and option number two has the potential to generate a lot of email … so many that I long time ago set all emails to never.

Anyway I am present on the forum almost daily so I don’t need my inbox filled with the same stuff I read on the forum.

Lookup domain smtp config and reputation

The most prominent DBL has no registration of spam from Manjaro domain

All smtp records are in place

And the service is not on any blacklists

So you see - Manjaro’s internet presence is up to current standards … so you should talk to your provider’s support - inform them of the issue.