No longer able to install onto USB drive? (Persistent and Portable)

I see old instructions, online, about how to install Manjaro onto a flash drive with a persistent and portable storage area. Is that no longer the case? I can’t see or select flash drives using the calamares installer.

I happen to be using the KDE Minimalist iso…not sure if that matters.

Hi @LanceHaverkamp :wink:

For persistent installation to a usb flash drive have look at ALMA:

It’s a similar solution like casper on ubuntu.

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Hmm, I can see USB sticks in calamares. I’ve never used it to make a persistent USB drive though.
I’ve always used Architect installer to do that (always worked fine).

There is the ALMA thing as well as @megavolt mentioned.
I found easier to do with architect though (well, I didn’t really want to dig into the alma stuff :wink: )

Sorry for the NOOB question but I am a new user here.
So my question is that similar to OP I can’t find my USB stick in “select storage device” drop down option in manjaro installation I too wish to create a persistent bootable manjaro installation on USB not on the non-removable HDD, so I am asking that in a nut shell this ALMA thing will do the same thing what I am trying to do??.. Because I don’t want anything to happen to my HDD after I copy paste the commands…

Also, I am writing this from live bootable manjaro USB I have windows and endevourOS installed on my PC so If I run the alma commands from with in this Bootable USB will it have the same effect as running the commands from an Installed manjaro desktop.

Yes it will, but keep in mind, that everything you download on a live session, will be saved on the RAM. Alma downloads all needed packages on the host and then installs them on the thumb drive. So you need enough RAM in this case.