No Libreoffice Calc cell background colours after updates

Just did a full update after 4 months & all went well apart from LibreOffice Calc wont display cell background colours.

Its the same on existing or new spreadsheets. If i look at the cell format the colour is selected just doesn’t show in the cell. Google offers nothing so feel like it has to be something silly.

Running Kernel: 5.19.7-1 (was on 5.16.20-2)
LibreOffice is:

Thanks, Paul

It looks like LO is at 7.3.5-3 in stable branch. I would refresh databases and try to update again. I am on Unstable branch, running 7.4.1 and background colors work in Calc.

Actually LO is 7.3.5-3 I got the other number from the “about” box but it also has the -3 number shown under misc.

tried the refresh & nothing to update. Also tried “sudo pacman -Syu” but it said nothing to do.

Really odd, I created a new spreadsheet & made a cell red which doesn’t display as red, however the preview on the LO startup page show it with the cell coloured red ok.

Tried starting LO in Safe Mode but no change. Tried Reset to Factory settings & still no change.

If i select a cell with a coloured background set & enter a character the colour appears but then disappears when hitting enter just leaving the character showing.

Stranger & stranger

Fixed - Settings Manager - Appearance had changed to “High Contrast”. Choosing anything else restores the colours.

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