No keyboard inputs in apps within Gnome

Just started experimenting with Manjaro-ARM 64 Bit, Gnome 41.3 in Wayland on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 GB RAM. As my input device I use a wireless Logitech K250 German Keyboard + Mouse with USB-Receiver on the Pi. I get the following behaviour which looks fine at the beginning, but turns out to make the system practically unusable:


  • Booting into GUI (Gnome).
  • The mouse works fine in Gnome all the time.
  • Logging in with Keyboard (arrows to choose user, password entry, enter) works fine.
  • Using the “Windows” key to bring up the dock and choosing an app works fine.
  • Switching to a pure text console / terminal (Ctrl + Alt + F3 for instance) I can use the keyboard without a problem according to the language settings.


  • Any app within Gnome that should accept keyboard inputs (text written), such as Terminal (window), Text Editor, Maps (Route Search), Settings > User > Add User … DO NOT accept any key from the keyboard.
  • Even clicking on the input fields within these apps does not bring up a blinking cursor at all.
  • And even more strangely: when I plug an additional second (wired) keyboard into another USB-port of my PI, all of a sudden I can start typing – with the wired AND the wireless keyboard.
  • As soon as I unplug the wired keyboard, all the input areas of the apps in Gnome turn back to be uneditable.

Any hints on this super strange behaviour of a “partially working” wireless keyboard?

hello. i have the same behavior in rockpi4 b with gnome . The entry of any key on the wireless Logitech keyboard from the installer fails when I have to try the keyboard to check the keyboard layout and later when I have to choose a username and password. if I plug in a regular keyboard, the keyboard starts to work. There seems to be no solution to this at the moment.


I have what appears to be the exact same issue with Manjaro ARM 22.02 Gnome and a french Logitech K400+ wireless keyboard - on a RaspberryPi 4.

It is worth noting that this keyboard works perfectly out of the box with either KDE or XFCE Manjaro flavours.

Symptom is : Keyboard works good on login screen but doesn’t work once Gnome has started (However it is still possible to shift to text consoles).

Pluging a standard keyboard, then going to Gnome keyboard parameters and changing anything makes the wireless keyboard start working - but at next logout/login it will be dead again.

Another keyboard issue with Gnome is that even though I configured a french keyboard at install time, I got a french keyboard on the login screen, but as soon as I am logged into Gnome I got a UK English layout until I changed it to french in the parameters.