No JS module 'viewSelector' found in search path

i updated my linux last night but dash-to-dock was disabled and shown this error:
No JS module ‘viewSelector’ found in search path.
plz help to solve error.

Hi @Cronus, and welcome!

To quote @Aragorn:


yes but i can’t solve problem plz help me!
i’m beginer

We were all beginners. And most of us still are…at something… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK, more seriously now, I don’t use Gnome, so can’t help from experience. From what I see there, it doesn’t look to me as if there a fix for it. At least not yet. I might be wrong, however, that’s what it looks like too me.

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I removed dash to duck and again install from pacman then reboot linux and the problem has been solved.