No icon for the show desktop button with dash to panel extension


when I enable the option ‘Display show desktop button’ in the preferences of the Dash to panel extension, I’ve got a line or a grey square (if I change the size of the show desktop button). I would like to display an icon rather than a line or a grey square for this one. Is there a way to do this ?



There is a bug report about it.

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@bogdancovaciu: Ok, but until the bug (if this is a bug) be solved, is there a workaround for it ? Because I can wait long time before a solution is displayed on the Dash-to-Panel Github forum.


Are you asking if someone know the code as much as the developers of DtP and provide the fix now?
Probably there is someone …

@bogdancovaciu: I tried that extension: Show Desktop Button - GNOME Shell Extensions as a workaround rather than the option available in Dash-to-panel.

It works but the icon (see the picture in the link above) is only displayed to the right or to the center but not to the left of the panel with the Dash-to-panel extension enabled.

Will do some tests too, and let you know if i discover something usable. Seems to be a nice extension, and the developer took the time to port it to GTK4 too.

I’m come back to you because I found the solution. The ‘left zone’ option in Dash to Panel was desactived, so, the icon of the extension ‘show desktop button’ could not displayed to the left of the panel. After enabled it, it works.

I want to tell you that I tried another extension: Show Desktop Applet - GNOME Shell Extensions
because the ‘show desktop button’ extension (I talked above) remove the desktop icons when we use it. That’s not the case with ‘Show desktop applet’ extension.

I close this subject because I found the ‘workaround’. :wink:

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