No, i don't believe you :-)

I get per Mail the “Manjaro Linux Forum Summary” and it tells me every single day:


… no, i don’t believe you, because nobody loves me :slight_smile:


Well, now you should have at least 4 :slight_smile:

John, watching your profile I noted that you already received 30 likes, and given 7 likes “back”.

Now imagine everybody will be like you and prefer to get 4 times more than to give, then everybody will have less likes just like you.

Also, may be you can produce and publish greatly described (by text and terminal outputs) bug reports bothering you or can share your usage practices how to reach some possible valuable (by other people) goal and to post it in Tutorial forum section? May be great valuable feature requests with detailed descriptions? So to be more thankful and to chose what you prefer: to ask likes or to earn them. Just imagine you asked likes and you got +100 likes on this. Will you proud yourself that you received them by asking? :slight_smile:
You can take a part in community life a bit more and I am sure you will receive more earned likes which you can be proud of.

BTW, just look: you got on your initial post 7 likes during first hour. Looks like community has many pleasant people which want to support you. :hugs:
So feel free to take a part more.