No highlight of apps on task manager and application menu when cursor is hovered over

Hi, i am new to manjaro and i use kde plasma.
so, after today’s update i encountered this problem.

When i am moving my cursor over any apps in the application menu, they are not getting highlighted. On clicking it is launching, but it is not getting highlighted.
when i am opening some app, it is also not getting any highlight in the task manager. So, it is not possible to know which app is open and which is not by looking at the task manager. Only when i open two instance of some app, then the small plus sign is showing on that app, so i can know in that case which app have two or more instances open, but not in the case of single instance.

In file manager, i can see the highlight when a file is selected. So, it is only missing in task manager and application menu.
As this is my first post, i cant add any screenshot. Any idea how can i get the highlight option back.

Welcome to the forum!

What you could try is the following… Log out of Plasma completely. When you see the login screen reappear, press Ctrl+Alt+F2. You will now see a character-mode login prompt, because you’ve switched to a character-mode virtual console, also known as a tty.

Log in using your normal credentials ─ user name and password. After logging in, you will see a shell prompt. Type the following command… :arrow_down:

rm -rf ~/.cache/*

The command does not produce any output ─ if it does, then there’s usually an error. :wink:

Now press Ctrl+D ─ this logs you out again ─ and then Alt+F1. You are now back at the graphical login screen. Now you can log in again, and hopefully the problem will be remedied now. :wink:

Thanks for quick reply.
Now the highlight option is available :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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