No GUI in xanmod 5.13.6 kernel

After installing the xanmod kernel 5.13.6 there is no GUI loading. I’m not quite sure of how to fix the problem. I’ve got the latest Nvidia drivers. It’s quite confusing how I can use different kernels on Ubuntu but not on Manjaro.

Where did you get this kernel? It’s not officially supported on Manjaro.

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From the Arch repository.

Manjaro is not Arch ─ it’s an Arch derivative ─ and the Nvidia drivers are proprietary software that’s already problematic in and of itself in just about every distribution due to Nvidia’s refusal to open up their source code.

If you’re going to be running an Arch kernel, then you should also install Arch’s Nvidia driver package ─ and for that matter, you’ll have to do it the Arch way. Manjaro does not support this kind of system hybridization.