No Gui applications in manjaro i3

Hey, I just installed manjaro i3 from the officeicial website, I don’t seem to remember if I used downloaded the minimal iso or full, I cannot seem to find any configuratiob file and all the apps like browser is not Firefox but some terminal based which I don’t know how to and want to use, the file manager is also terminal based and even the package manager, I don’t know how to get these please help

there is a “cheat sheet” bottom left on the desktop background

browser is palemoon - not a terminal app (mod + F2)
file manager is ranger - install another one if you don’t like it - mc is a good alternative, but still in terminal
or the graphical pcmanfm
package manager is available as the “normal” graphical app: pamac-manager is the command

install the software that you like to use if the defaults don’t suit you

configuration file is in ~/.i3

use a different edition instead of i3 if you don’t know your way around with mostly only terminal is the only advice that comes to my mind

To get started in i3 you can use the $mod+Shift+h keyboard shortcut (where $mod is the Windows key).
It opens a help file provided by the package i3-help.

Go through it and as already mentioned open the ~/.i3/config file to start configuring your system.