No grub when install manjaro

Hi I’m new here, im having troublings trying install manjaro
i have 2 ssd 1 with windows and the other with manjaro
so I dont se grub when install manjaro i need to choice manually

i have asus motherboard

pd: i try install fedora and same so i think is some configuration idk

sorry 4 m english.

So then it is installed correctly. Go to your UEFI/BIOS and change the boot order/priority to Manjaro.

I do that I can select windows or Manjaro manually but not grub appears

Not “Select”, that is by all meaning the plain “UEFI Bootloader”. I mean changing the Boot order at the settings of the UEFI.

I change order, but nothing
I will reinstall to try

Are you referring to the Grub “menu” screen?

If that’s the case, you can change the GRUB_TIMEOUT and GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE options:

Post for reference:

How can edit that, I’m really a noob.

So was that I have only active from grub to show menu and increase the time to appears


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