No Grub or boot menu on new UEFI install

Title says it all, fresh install of a dual boot and BAM … just windows.

Note - due to … oddities (read:bad design decisions) on MSI’s part regarding the BIOS and this OEM windows install I must boot from UEFI mode … also the boot menu does not see the install, at all.

My suspicion is grub did not actually install even tho I set the first partition on the NVME drive as /boot … with the boot flag. It’s been half a decade since I did this and uefi was not a problem last time (used legacy MBR)

edit: forgot to mention, this is a multi drive install using GPT. There is an NVME drive on with the root and what should be the EFI boot but isnt working. Also a SATA SSD with home on the 2nd partition and swap on the 3rd.

Little help, please and thank you?

I use Refind for a similar setup and it works well.

Directions on how to set find/setup/use please?

Using refind is completely unnecessary.
The question of how things were installed or how the boot is being recognized and such is.
Grub works fine … multiple OSs or dualboot works fine …
But without some actual output of the partition tables or something its a bit hard to guess at what happened…

The Arch Wiki is your friend. rEFInd - ArchWiki
Certainly you can get it to run nicely with grub, just as well. It’s just that in my experience Refind takes less work (configuration, update procedure) to find different kernels and OSes and looks way nicer too.

I wanted to post an image of the partitions, but the forum won’t let me. How can I do that?

Figured out the issue: MSI has a very dumb BIOS setup that won’t let anything actually touch the EFI partition. And an even dumber way of setting the OS. Had to go into the bios preferences and select Manjaro manually.

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