No graphics or console login after Update at 12/16/2021

did updates yesterday 12/16/2021.
If I boot the System now, see at last that the filesystem is clean.

No error no X-Server, Console login also not working ( Alt+F2 - F6 )

How ho fix this?

Kernel was updated… if I boot from USB-Key an do changeroot…
i can see that nvidia packages for the kernel version is installed.

Did a kernel Downgrade to 5.15.6 from 5.15.7 and kernel-nvdia package but did not help
then I installed the kernel 5.10 + kernel nvidia… but did not help too…

Did boot in single user mode… and startx - that works

For now i still think this is valid, so check from here on:

Check what others had to add, but from my test, nothing changed and is still broken …

thanks bogdancovaciu,

my workaround is for now:

boot in single user mode…
su - username
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager
open terminal an run: deepin-wm --replace &