No ethernet after wake up from suspend in ram

My desktop was running fine before suspend into ram.
After woke up from suspend… there is no more ethernet.

Now i can’t use it to access internet.
When i do Inxi -Fza, it list out stuck after “Audio”… the next item is “Network”, but it just does not continue to print out “Network” …
What 's wrong with my network related stuff ? need some restart of the network module >?

I do a reboot command, but it takes 11 mins, still not yet shutdown for reboot… still stuck at A stop job is running for netowrk manager (11min 59s /13mins 1s)

Failed unmounting Temporary Directory (/tmp)
Failed unmounting /home

The only thing i did today was trying to install a “virtual webcam” make v4l2loopback downloaded from (GitHub - umlaeute/v4l2loopback: v4l2-loopback device); which ended up error 2 due to some directory does not exist.

Now that manjaro have boot up into De, it still having ethernet connection issue.

Please tell me What can i do ?

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  1. undo the last change you made
  2. If the problem persists, your network card probably died and this is a hardware issue, so if you used a LAN cable to connect, now use the WiFi; if you used WiFi, now use a cable until you get the hardware problem fixed.


Sadly don’t have wifi on this desktop.
Maybe Kernel broken… since “driver” for linux is built in.

Without more technical info, I can only conclude your network card died. (95% certainty)

Add a Wifi dongle or a new NIC: take a solid brand with good Linux compatibility like Intel.


Is there such thing can “unmake” ? since i executed “make” command on (GitHub - umlaeute/v4l2loopback: v4l2-loopback device )?

If you’re lucky, the developer has included uninstall instructions in the install script and then

make uninstall

will just work, but please note that’s a big if.

If it doesn’t (and I’m unfamiliar with the software you installed so can’t tell you) , you, as the system maintainer should have used:

  • checkinstall
  • created a PKGBUILD and then you can just use standard Manjaro tools to uninstall

If you didn’t use either of the above, please read this:

Especially the section “How to install Software”, because now you’re in for a re-install. ¹


None 1 Unless you’re a developer yourself and then you can read the install script and painstakingly and manually undo all the changes it made… :man_shrugging:

Are you saying i have "reached the limit of linux " ? LOL The note 1 said the limit is so large that no one have yet hit the limit… lol

My apologies for not being clear. What I was trying to say was:

You’ve reached the limit where I can be of any help to you…


I’m very proud of that tutorial and it’s full of joke like that…


Oh, i see… that’s really sad for me… Nvm… worst come to worst… reinstall…

IF reinstall… how can i copy out all the settings to all settings and config… it is settings and config that takes most time.

All the gurus here have all made this exact same mistake (including me) and the more mistakes you make, the more you’ll know.


So also read this:


You are a very positive and helpful person. Nice to meet you.
As you have written in the “become a manjaro power user when you are a wizard at windows…”
I am,. was power user of windows… i messed with windows os so much that I felt linux is a lot less powerful in features… lol… That’s why i am horrible at getting start with linux. lol I admit.

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I just used live debian usb to boot up this desktop that ethernet not working… and right now, i am accessing manjaro forum with this supposedly Ethernet not working desktop. Proven Ethernet card is working… it is something wrong with my manjaro kde on this desktop.

I have not try make uninstall, or check install or create a pkgbuild … have to do reading first before can try… because i have no idea how to do these.

Anybody can help ?

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