No elevated actions possible in Dolphin

I switched from Manjaro XFCE to Manjaro KDE a while ago (installed KDE beside XFCE) and always had weird issues with Thunar and now Dolphin.

As an example, I occasionally download versions of GE-Proton from github and am not allowed to copy them to the recommended (hidden) steam folder compatibilitytools.d . My workaround is to do that with a sudo-launched instance of Thunar, because I am not allowed to run Dolphin with sudo.

On another machine with a later install of Manjaro KDE I have no issues to move files with Dolphin.
I guess it is some type of missing user rights, but I cannot figure out what is wrong. Can anybody trace this down?

You should never need elevated permission in any GUI application - let alone the file manager.

Assuming this is in your home then you have messed you home permissions - usually be using sudo to exeute home folder actions - don’t do that.

I recommend you ensure your home has correct permissions

sudo chown $USER:$USER ~ -R

Thank you very much, that resolved the issue!

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